William W. Rumford II founded William W. Rumford co. in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1938.  The company would later grow to become one of the largest building companies in the state of Pennsylvania.  His son, William W. Rumford III, left the company in 1932 to start his own business.  Setting up shop in the nearby historic county seat of Media, William III opened Rumford & Rumford co. of Media in 1962.  Relying on his honesty, hard work, and high moral character, William III intended to make Rumford & Rumford one of the premiere building companies in southeastern Pennsylvania.  The company continued to grow and flourish throughout the 60's and 70's as William III brought his son David on board in 1976.  Rumford & Rumford officially became a corporation in 1985.  Together William III and David developed numerous client relationships, and constructed an abundance of buildings throughout the tri state area.  Even as the company continued to grow,  the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction was never lost.  When William III passed away in 1996, David never let the company skip a beat.  Using the skills his father instilled in him over the years, David took Rumford & Rumford to new levels and revenues during the late 90's and 2000's.  In keeping in line with the family business moniker,  David brought his sons, Andrew and Scott, into the company in the mid 2000's.  Today David acts as President with Andrew and Scott as Vice Presidents.  78 years later the Rumford name is still highly respected in the construction business.  

     Over the years, Rumford & Rumford have helped plan and complete many different types of buildings and office renovations that have been required by our customers.  We are proud of the fact that we are still maintaining many of the buildings that we have built.  By constantly controlling the volume of our work, we are able to maintain personal supervision over each job on a much closer level.  We have adapted over the years to the ever changing building business to continue to meet our customers needs which ever way possible.